Do you know this feeling of guilt?
More like hate
For myself
Lets just delve

Into my sea of feelings
So deep I can hardly breathe
Allah please free me.

I dont know why i did this
If only i could go back
And fight against myself
To get back on track..

My only comfort is the knowledge
That even though i didnt stay true to my pledge
It didnt happen by chance
No i will not pretend it

I am guilty but even more ashamed
Humiliated by myself and defamed.
Suffient are You to hear me pray
I promise to not go astray..

I wish you didnt have to witness me this way..



I wrote this a few weeks ago.. and these days I’m feeling extremely emotional but reading this again reminded me of reality..

They taught me that emotionality is a weakness,
So I joined the others in a life called distress.
“No tears no confessions no mistakes, You will feel no pain”,
but this painlessness is fake.

Just as real is the reality of our pain,
Pleasure is its companion and will remain.
So I thought to myself…


The question that makes or breaks…

Why are we saddened by pain and
Why do we enjoy pleasures and
Why do some get drowned and
Why do others flee from reality?

I thought to myself,
Submission to Allah means walking on the straight path and
This path is the balanced middle way,
For this we ask every time we pray..
So why do those who don’t fear emotionality still get drowned
And the fearful ones remain at their fake place?
Perhaps their desires overtook them,
And their fears blinded them.

An alternative I present to you, oh fearless and fearful people!
So you may taste real pleasure and fear real pain..

Read the words of the Owner of your heart:

Say: In the grace of Allah and in His mercy– in that they should rejoice; it is better than that which they gather. (10:58)

Living in the past


I can’t believe that it’s been 5 months since my last post! I have just been very busy studying and teaching and quite passive with other things, unfortunately. Right now I’m in an exam week as well but when I feel the need to write I just have to do it! These are special moments that I can’t take for granted 🙂

In these 5 months I got 20 years old, my sister got engaged, I took driving lessons and passed my test and I went to an Arabic winter school. I had the two best weeks of my life there alhamdulillah. It was a great feeling to know that I really made progress in my Arabic, especially speaking and writing. I also received a certificate for Madinah book 1 and 2 which I had been studying on my own before, this might turn out useful for my further education in Arabic in sha Allah. I hope I can do something like this again, it really made me taste the sweetness of imaan, studying Arabic and Islam every single day, surrounded with the loveliest sisters in the world and tasty Moroccan food 😀

Coming back to real life was quite depressing, especially the weather made me feel down. But I could enjoy the snow alhamdulillah, it’s so beautiful!

This place is 5 minutes away from my house!
I still can’t believe how quickly the days passed, and how they continue to pass us by so rapidly… I hardly have time to even think! And ponder on life, how the days go and what’s happening to me and around me. Traveling always helps me to see things from a different perspective. It inspires me to write poems, and although I’m an amateur it does help me to express my emotions, which I often seem to suppress..
This one I call “Living in the past”
Every time I do something new,
I do something old.
I see old, I smell old, I hear old,
I feel old.
What was of old stays alive inside,
It’s like my mind refuses to compromise
the feelings and thoughts of long ago,
Long ago they became old.
Should I let go and find
something in new as I did in old?
I try and try to live my life
While I’m present in time.
But time and time again I feel,
this world is not that real.
It will never be real, never new,
I feel like I always knew.
My soul knew this place was to be,
where it could never be free.
Sometimes all it wishes is to rest
But it was always meant to be a test.
The pen, the first thing He created,
with His order every single thing was dated.
Your life and mine, fully described,
In honoured records it was scribed.
It is reported on the authority of `Ubadah Ibn As-Samit (ra) that he said to his son: “Oh, son! You will never taste true faith until you know that whatever afflicts you would not have missed you, and whatever has missed you would never have come to you. I heard the Messenger of Allah say: “The first thing Allah created was the pen; He commanded it to write. It said: “My Rabb! What shall I write?” He said: “Write down what has been ordained for all things until the establishment of the Hour.” Oh, my son! I heard Allah’s Messenger say: “Whoever dies believing something other than this does not belong to me.”