Day two

28 June 2013
Today was…. different. We came to a place called Karasu with my uncle and his family and rented a house by the sea. My plan was to stay at home all day and study and walk on the beach in the evenings, perfect! But no it didn’t work out. The nieghbours play music very loudly ALL DAY LONG! It’s driving me crazy and even as I’m writing now (12:07 am) it’s as loud as it was during the day. People play music everywhere here in Turkey and they love to share it with others. 😦
So I decided to explore the city on my own, I loved it alhamdulillah.
I tried to be a bit more courageous too :p I walked for an hour to the city centre and kept on looking for a bank but couldn’t find one. Then I pushed myself to ask someone πŸ˜€
When I got my money there was an old woman who asked me if I could help her to check how much money she has on her account which I did too πŸ™‚
Then I went to the shop and bought me some organic drink and chocolate. I never knew that there were so many organic products here and even an organic supermarket! I also saw peanut butter of the Dutch brand calvΓ©, something from back home πŸ˜€
On my way back I decided to take the bus. They call it “dolmus” here which means “it’s full”. It’s almost always full or otherwise packed. I was really scared to go on my own because I didn’t know how much I would have to pay and I would have to tell the bus driver when I wanted to leave as there are almost no busstops and people get in an our anywhere. Alhamdulillah though I did it.. I just asked how much it would cost to a certain place. Then some people stood up on the avenue where I needed to be so the bust stopped and I left with them. I had to walk another fifteen minutes because I left the bust way too early but it was my first time so I forgive myself :p I was just too scared to say “could you please stop at an appropriate place” because I can’t talk very loudly and I’m too shy to talk to strangers haha. Next time I might do it…
I saw many interesting things and if I wasn’t ashamed of randomly taking pictures of everything I would’ve done so!
The marketing branche is really funny here, on the roads you see posters of all kinds of brands (but mostly of window brand :p). But the funny thing is that they just put the logo of the brand on a poster and nothing else with it. Not like “macdonalds – I’m lovin’ it” but simply “istikbal” or “primapen” etc. etc. As if that will persuade someone to buy from them! Weird people :p

Something beautiful was the big writing “ya malikilmulk” on a big building. I think it was done by the owner to remind himself that Allah is the owner of everything and that his building is nothing compared to what Allah possesses, everything in the heavens and the earth.
I saw a turtle and people cycling on the highway. There are also many wild dogs walking around and they often sit on the roads. One of them couldn’t get away from the road either because it was so thirsty/hungry or because it was wounded. So one man stopped by the highway (something that no one would ever do in the west to save a wild dog, just because we abide by the rules) and saved the dog! It was such a beautiful scene, may Allah reward the man.
I don’t remember much more from today.. we drove for two hours and adventurous they were πŸ˜‰ crazy uncle and crazy traffic says enough. It’s just too funny how little people are bothered by traffic rules. Yes they exist and people get fined for breaking them but still!
I saw that a place is called “kurudil” which means dry tongue. Haha that’s so random and weird. And this is only one of the weird things that Turkish people do. Just tooo funny.
One last thing.. I noticed that nobody looks at their phone while walking, nor do they take pictures or everything like we do. Instragram hasn’t really made it’s way to Turkey πŸ™‚ this is soo good.. people are much more social and open here.
I’m done writing although I probably forgot to mention many things. The music is still on (12:42 am). I don’t know what I should do. I’m going to ask my brother if he can pick me up and take me anywhere where I don’t have to hear music. It’s really distracting and makes me feel so bad.. I hope I can sleep.. it’s so crazy that once I fall asleep I forget everything about where I am.. when I woke up yesterday it took me a few seconds to remember that I’m in Turkey not Holland. Ok byeee


One thought on “Day two

  1. Ays, mashaaAllah you have got very good observation πŸ™‚ really luv the passage where you mentioned "ya malikilmulk". It's a great reminder. Indeed everything belongs to Allah :)Keep writing, will check out ur blog everyday inshaaAllah πŸ™‚

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