I wrote this a few weeks ago.. and these days I’m feeling extremely emotional but reading this again reminded me of reality..

They taught me that emotionality is a weakness,
So I joined the others in a life called distress.
“No tears no confessions no mistakes, You will feel no pain”,
but this painlessness is fake.

Just as real is the reality of our pain,
Pleasure is its companion and will remain.
So I thought to myself…


The question that makes or breaks…

Why are we saddened by pain and
Why do we enjoy pleasures and
Why do some get drowned and
Why do others flee from reality?

I thought to myself,
Submission to Allah means walking on the straight path and
This path is the balanced middle way,
For this we ask every time we pray..
So why do those who don’t fear emotionality still get drowned
And the fearful ones remain at their fake place?
Perhaps their desires overtook them,
And their fears blinded them.

An alternative I present to you, oh fearless and fearful people!
So you may taste real pleasure and fear real pain..

Read the words of the Owner of your heart:

Say: In the grace of Allah and in His mercy– in that they should rejoice; it is better than that which they gather. (10:58)